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Gurung Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Association, Nepal (GTEAN) was formed and registered with the Kathmandu CDO Office in 2012 by a handful of trekking, Rafting and Travel agents who realized that it was time to assemble and create an umbrella organization. Under which they could work together to meet their common goals and also assist the various tourism umbrella organizations and government by providing suggestions to develop trekking, travel, rafting and other tourism related business into a revenue generating industry. Such a body was necessary for many reasons. There was a need for a single organization, which could undertake the major responsibilities to develop and promote adventure tourism in the country. The need for a responsible body, which could play a significant and conducive role to mitigate mountain environmental stress, was felt essential.

Since the inception of GTEAN not only the trekking, rafting and Travel agencies have been increasing, and so has the GTEAN members. In the initial phase GTEAN limited its membership only to Nepalese trekking, Travel and Rafting agents including Pokhara sector. Nevertheless, it has opened its associate membership to foreign organizations to broaden the scope of the Association.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Our mission is to unite, develop, promote and advance the Gurung business people for economic and social enhancement.

Our Vision: 

  • Bring together the entrepreneurs of the Gurung people in order to find common ways to help each other through unity.
  • To bring educational and development opportunities to the Gurung people in order to improve the knowledge and economic opportunities to these mountain people.
  • Discover ways to promote the work, businesses and products of the Gurung entrepreneurs in order to bring about greater economic opportunities for all Gurung people.
  • Seek ways to advance the culture, character and financial enhancement for all Gurung people through economic opportunities.

Our Values:

  • The Gurung have long been a marginalized people living in the mountain regions of Nepal with very little economic opportunities. We believe that the time has come to unite for the peaceful purpose of bringing economic growth to our people.
  • The Gurung have long proven themselves as brave and loyal people, serving with distinction as members of the Ghorkha military regiments. The Gurung people are a brave and proud people, who have proven their worth to society. We value those personal virtues which transcend generations and culture for the uplifting of all humankind.
  • The Gurung people have long suffered for lack of educational opportunities. We value education as a primary tool to success in all aspects of life and believe we can work together to create those opportunities in all stages of life that has been inculcated throughout the history of the Gurung people.
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Gurung Tourism Entrepreneurs' Association, Nepal
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